Sunday, 8 February 2015

Portage !

Portage is one of those patterns that commands you to drop everything else on your needles and frantically go stash diving or web browsing for the right yarn. I had the perfect yarn for it but just under right amount. It didn't deter me from casting on. Do I ever learn?
I used 5 skeins of Hedgehog fibres , Blue faced DK in Ferrum- a lovely color which can described as olive green mingled with brown. Those 5 gorgeous skeins were the cyclist knitter's discards which I happily scooped away..

There are some very attractive details here. The back is textured with hundreds of tiny cables that you are strongly advised to knit without a cable needle. The pockets are created by extending and shaping  the bottom bit of the shawl collar, folded backwards on itself and carefully sewn on to the cast off edge and sides. I love the extra long sleeves with the ribbed cuffs folded backwards for extra warmth and stability. I also applied tubular cast off to the ribbed hem - that edging always make me happy and worth all the extra work.

All was well up to the garter shawl collar which consumed scary amounts of yarn. I knew I wont have enough for it and the pockets. Hedgehog notified me that the blue faced dk base won't be in stock until March but 2 skeins of ferrum were up for sale in the states. I bought them but for my dismay they were totally flat and dark sludgy brown. I persevered with 3 balls knitting in stripes to try to blend the colors together and it worked ! I love it and well please with it.
Only couple of modifications here first a shorter hem to try to save yarn and it still look generously long overall. Secondly I had to enforce and tidy up the pockets top edges with single slip crochet because of the 3 balls knitting.

Totally recommend the pattern- go and make yourselves a portage !

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