Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Doodler!

I Joined the visual world of Instagram not long ago (My Instagram name is as my Ravelry's- 'bespokeknits') which is a fantastic way to get updated and inspired.
I am following of course Stephen West and was participating in his 2015 KAL - The Doodler.
After booking my holiday to Israel in December, Stephen released photo of himself in a knitting shop not too far from where I was to stay. A real shame to have missed him by few days only !
Any way I visited the Gourmet Yarn Shop and was impressed by the stock quality and attentive and friendly stuff.

This is the shop's doodler sample which I loved.

Those lovely ladies partly obscure a very decent stock of Madelinetosh vintage and Freia Ombre . Not that easy to get hold of where I come from! 

Here is my Doodler- I've used uncommon thread merino lace in toast which I had in stash and variegated yarn were purchased from Stephen's Amsterdam yarn shop- some lovely hedgehog fibres skinny dip in pink(forgot the name) and boom box. Knitting it was great fun- happy to have joined the KAL.