Saturday, 25 October 2014

New York and Rhinebeck 2014 !

 Here are few snapshots of my trip to Rhinebeck and New York;

 The trip to Rhinebeck was organised months ahead. We took the train line- metro north from Grand central New York to Poughkeepsie which was the last stop. Stunning views along the Hudson although autumn colours were less pronounced comparing to two years ago. Ran like mad to get places on  the shuttle bus and planned to reach our favourite dyers first. So did hundreds others :)
Queues were unbelievably long so I left my Miss Babs goodies only to encounter another massive queue in dragonfly yarns stand. Not willing to let go this time, I withstand sudden showers and cuddled my skeins for extra warmth and protection. A steaming lamb and barley soup lifted up my spirits and I was reunited with the glass needles stand and moving mud buttons. Expensive but ever so pretty and regal.

 Here is Caroline with her stunning monomania. We happen to see quite a few of those. This is one of my favourite photos of the trip.

The journey back to New York wasn't that comfortable. The shuttle bus was late to leave the show grounds and we arrived to Poughkeepsie, literally a minute before the train left the station. I felt sorry for the elderly who could not run as fast as us. Alas, the train progressed for couple of minutes and then stopped - some technical failure. We had to walk in a column back to the beginning of the track and join a different train. Couple of stations later and we were packed like sardines without much leg room  as everybody it seemed was carrying either bags full of wool or apples. The train was moving incredibly slow- the locals were eager to inform us about this incident where the train derailed into the Hudson and people were being killed as a result!! We were so tired once we reached the hotel we didn't even meet for our customary show and tell.

This trip was such an indulgence for me. No kids and husband tugging along, lots of yarn fumes, girlie laughs and chats, long walks, nice food and shopping galore!

I even got to learn  some basic spinning from Jill my lovely room mate..

I had to take this shot of a sweater by Stella McCartney - A three (or four?) sleeved top anyone??
Two shawl projects were taken to this trip just in case I ran out of knitting - what was I thinking ??
but that is to a later post..x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

VulcanSpy Hat !

Took a quick break from packing for Rhinebeck to show you this lovely hat knitted to my friend.
You know when a friend does you a favour which you are very grateful for but money isn't at all appropriate? well its easy for us knitters, we just knit from our heart.
Ali wanted a slouchy hat with a pompom. Few hat patterns were shown to her and the favourite was this three coloured slouchy piece , the Vulcanspy hat
I tried to use similar colours as the original model as I knew she loved the combination. For the dull blue and the dark beige I used stash- Rowan kid Classic. But I had to find this bright neon peach and I was lucky to spot couple of skeins in hedgehog fibres update which arrived promptly.

I always appreciate a good design and if I learn something new, its a bonus.
The hat is dense and warm and, using a DK weight on small needles. Instead of labouring with a cable needle you use a quick little manoeuvre (you have to read it in the pattern I'm afraid) to achieve a cable looking slant.
Also I managed to cast on with a different method than I usually use for tubular cast on- it looks a bit like long tail cast on but with a different needle motions. Ysolda have a video for that in her tutorials.
I love the extra cover for the ears - just brilliant!
It is all done except the pompom.. sigh - not my favourite thing and I have a good excuse for my procrastination - R H I N E B E C K !!! :-)