Monday, 21 September 2009

Back is back

I've noticed a few designs that make their focal point at the back. The front is usually basic or traditional or just slightly embellished . It could be a pretty lace insert like the 'Back Lace Panel Cardigan' from the classic elite Saturday afternoon booklet.

It is interesting. There is this alluring surprise at the back, draws attention to it. Here is another example;

This is the mountain view cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio, lovely delicate lace.

You could make the back special by adding elaborate cables .This is Sylvi by Mari Muinonen ,a charming hooded coat and she is on my needles now..

I have used 2 yarns together to achieve the right level of thickness and sturdiness. This is a coat and not a floaty wrap. I have used my rowan chunky Scottish tweed together with the rowan Scottish 4 ply. Both yarns are the same color as far as I can see. The back in the photo is blocked so the cables are much more relaxed. The stitch markers are for picking up the marked stitches and knitting the petals. I have finished the fronts and am knitting the first sleeve. This is a fast knit and very rewarding. bye for now.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Aestlight shawl

This is one of those patterns that manages to rise above others and circulates in abundance within the knitting community, plenty of versions in ravelry. I have mention it first here and chose it to be my camping knitting companion or rather it was chosen for me as the yarn I purchased from 'knit n caboodle' never materialised and I had no response , not the slightest from that shop.

I'm rather pleased with the outcome.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sugar complete!

It turn out not too bad. I like the look from the front but if I to do this cardigan again I would have modified it to have a much deeper sleeve cups. These sleeves have the shallowest cups I've ever knitted and I prefer my cardigans not too loose around the there you go.