Friday, 2 October 2015

Ingrid !

I was in a mood for some fair isle and this pullover fitted the bill. But after noticing this test knit, wow, my heart just went faster and I went stash diving. I was using fingering weight yarn, a bit thinner than requested so went 2 sizes up. I have tons of sock yarn and I tend to hoard all my leftovers 'just in case..' so was happy to reduce (ever so slightly) it.

Quickly casting on I managed to somehow omit about 50 stitches, and only at arms point did I notice that the fitting leaves much to be desired- way too tight (see pic below)-no room for arms.

The 2nd yoke attempt went a bit better. I put some modification as I went along- lowered the fair isle band and omitted some of it's pattern. I didn't bother with the sleeves and hem fair isle. I used some Orkney white angora and rowan kid silk haze in grey to give some halo to the fair isle band. My colours are almost all neutral except the dark purple and some dots in peach.
So easy to wear but still draws the eyes despite the simplicity.