Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Nehalem is a graphic, eye catching design which compliments most body types. I admit that my chosen colours aren't the most suitable to highlight the bold section but nonetheless I'm happy with the result and wear it regularly. I may have to knit this again just to show of that lovely fair isle.

I was inspired by the colours blocks of this poncho below. I have a feeling its one of Rowan patterns. I had in stash very similar colours- spud &Chloe sweater worsted in olive green, Rowan Felted tweed Aran in navy blue and Rowan cocoon in light blue/grey.

No Steeking for me I'm afraid, I'll go the extra mile just to avoid cutting my piece and using the dreaded sewing machine (hey, the spud & chloe is super wash, no much felting is going on hence the need for sewing machine).

I love the relaxed fit and the garter short row shaped shawl. Jared Flood does not disappoint.
Also learned a new and interesting yarn increases. Recommend !