Friday, 21 August 2009

Can I have some color ,please

Hi, The sugar cardigan is finally at the sawing stage. It seems to have taken longtime and the fact that I managed to knit 3 sleeves didn't help. Yes you've read right. three. Please count twice cast on stitches from now on..

So after all the whiteness I'm in need of color and in abundance. The more the better. Also the next project need to be relatively a quick fix to satisfy the knitting mojo which suffered some blows lately, ie three sleeve fiasco..

Can I introduce Daybreak shawl by the young Stephen West:
This shawl appeals to me, the colors, the theme, the simple geometric design that represent the sun rays..There are few variations on the color scheme which can be seen on ravelry but I'll stick to the original sock yarn, Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in burnt almond and choco creme. I ordered it from knit n caboodle, which are closing down so fingers crossed I'll have it soon for my family camping holiday in Dorset. If the yarn won't arrive in time, option number two is the Aestlight shawl by the shetland trader. I'm going to knit this shawl in two colors. Here is what inspired me, this and this. Now I will use green as the main color , the Jameison spindrift in moss and the mesh part of the design in Kauuni rainbow, just the green yellowy part. So what will it be? Let the postman decide!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Vintage buttons

Last evening I was given a precious present. Have a look at this..

Those beauties came from a well established button shop in Southsea , this is all I'm saying. Dont want the vintage supply to dwindle out, haha. They are all individual and bottom row plays on the moon , sun and stars theme . All metal and absolutely charming ! Thank you ever so much , Caroline, you are as obssesed as me!