Saturday, 20 December 2014

shaken and stirred

This is a shaken or stirred by Tea Colman. An attractive top down, shawl collared cardigan with some colour work and nice details.

Some people have a strong eye for colour, I'm not one of them but once I see a colour combination in front of me I just know if it goes. So I picked dark grey and orange for the stripes, knitted the body and hem, cast off and then paused. I was not convinced. It looked too childish and too busy so the body was frogged and reknit. I left just few stripes at the bottom and made it longer. Simple but classic.

I always coveted the luxurious madelintosh pashmina but I'm afraid it was the wrong yarn for this project. I should have picked something a bit more bouncy and less drape-y. Here is a close up of the shoulder shaping and stitch detail- lovely .

 I've discovered Robin Hobb and totally engaged in her books. It doesn't help with my knitting though. I do envy those who can knit in a car (as a passenger of course) and I wish I knew how to knit and read at the same time.  Happy holidays !

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful cardigan. Like you I tend to pick colors that go, and grey and orange do indeed go.
    Also, I envy those who can read and knit. Maybe it's something one needs to practice?