Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowflake photo shoot !

Yesterday I wove in the last thread all in good order for a planned trip to Patricia Roberts yarn shop. The weather typically turned to the worst with snow forecast so the trip was delayed.  A shame as I really pushed on hard to finish it. I feel a big relief  because snowflake demanded lots and lots of knitting in a dense small gauge with islands of intarsia and mountains of fair isles knitting.

I love the feel of the fabric- the softness of the lamb wool with the halo of the angora islands. The colour scheme is pleasing with all that clutter of zigzag lines and snowflakes . The camera just is not capable of capturing that. I adore the dense rows of cables along the neck band and cuffs.

I made a few modifications mainly shaping slightly the waist  and changing pattern sequence on the sleeves- no argyle pattern on the sleeves.

You can see a close up shots in this post.

I was shivering when those photos were taken , where is the spring?? !

Happy knitting....... :-)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Snowflake progress is slow. I'm not that fast on fair isle but I'm even slower on intarsia. There are so many other projects with my name written on them but I'm plodding on and trying to get this one finished.

I'm pleased with my neck and buttons band. I had to redo the cast off of the neck band so there is a nice tip for you- cast off two stitches together all along cable section slipping them over and go back to normal cast off , stitch by stitch when on stockinette sections. The cast off edge is much neater and not at all flared.
The camera does not do justice to the buttons. They are shell with a white gloss with gentle silver swirls. The John lewis haberdashery stocks them at the moment at an extortion price, - but just had had to have them. This cardi deserve the best with all the amount of work going into it.

I love the vertical one by one rib of the buttons band even though needed to be slip stitch to the fronts.

I still need to finish the sleeves, sew in and gentle steam the seams.
 so far so good :)