Sunday, 23 September 2012

Same same done !

I managed to take some photos of my complete same same in a quick dry slot on this grey wet day.
I love it ! Its feels soft and luxurious even on bare skin.
I recommend knitting it whole hearted . The details of the sleeves and pleats are amazing .
The only major modification I did was adding short rows to the bottom to add more length to meet the fronts. I learnt it from knitting the third clue of  
The  John Lewis buttons are a touch of bling- made of  cut rectangular glass , goes well with the feel of those yarns..

Happy with my same same :)


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Same same's sleeve

Same same just had a nice bubbly bath and is drying stretched on my dining table. It is rather cloudy and grey so I foresee quite a few family dinners on the smaller coffee table in my living room..
Meanwhile I thought to give you a glimpse of the sleeves.

Couple of pleats next to the faux seam  and a pretty icord to finish it off.
I used this youtube  demo to graft the cast on end of the icord with the live stitches of its end .

and here is the mousy yarn bowl brother of this shown in this post :)

Looove !

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cinnamon - not quite there yet..

Whilst same same is having a rest , I thought to try and finished a vest . I said try but run out of button band yarn and now awaiting a delivery from Germany.
For me , a woolly vest is one of the signs of Autumn - days are getting shorter , leaves are changing colour, chilled air is creeping and you feel the need to wrap some wool around you..
Cinnamon in my opinion is one of the most beautiful vests I've ever seen - a sophisticated product by Helga Isager. You can find the kit in the 2010 Amimono collection.
It will be difficult to capture that beauty without using the actual yarn from the Isager brand.

Four different yarns are used to create the body- slip stitch texture.

Some rows are knitted with a very thin 70% super kid mohair -30% seta-silk with a variegated colours - yellow- brown -dark blue , 4009.
Some rows are knitted with three yarns together-
* Isager 100% alpaca , lace weight (400m per 50 grams) in light grey colour 2105.
* Isager hojlandsgarn in thisle, which is a  pebble tweedy colour, made in Scotland, (280m per 50 grams).
* Isager hojlandsgarn in chiffon, which is a very light blue tweedy colour, made in Scotland, (280m per 50 grams).

The vest back and fronts are knitted together .
Here is a close up of the false seam;

three needle bind off for the shoulders;

A beautiful stand on collar ; 

knitting several short rows at the back neck-helps to keep the back fold.

So still in need to finish button and armholes bands- pending yarn delivery..

and here is an eye candy from a BHF charity shop ;
 This was an old ceramic side lamp which I converted to a cute Yarn Bowl. All electric wires were ripped away, yarn ball goes in and behaves and its thread is slipped through the gap around the owl..knitting is calmly carried on :)

Hoot Hoot !