Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Everglade or my baby poo hat !

One of the ladies in our knit and chat groups started knitting this hat, 'Everglade' by woolly wormhead which  immediately drew my attention. A nice wide rib hem and a little slouch on with this half leaf intermittent stitch pattern I was wanting to try since the free Ginko shawl started circulating about.

A very quick and easy knit which was knitted leisurely in one cold February weekend. I used one of my past knitspot club yarns. -Andrea Mae DK, 100% superwash merino by Studio June yarn, hand dyed in Kalamazoo, MI. The colour 'Beligian wheat' appealed to me but what I saw as a lovely dull yellow darkened slightly by murky grey was picked at my knitting group as a baby poo color .. One of our ladies given birth recently and her lovely baby girl attends our meeting on a regular basis- hence the color inspiration :-D
I don't really mind that, I do love my yellows- they make me happy !


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