Saturday, 20 July 2013

Germinate !

Here is my Germinate ! Its actually was finished three weeks ago but I wanted a different background for this beautiful vibrant shawl. So on this Saturday early morning I walked up the village with my reluctant daughter, totally overdressed, to this beautiful large rustic teal door . A few new forest ponies glared suspiciously at me but other than that the photo shoot went well.
My husband says I look Spanish in those photos.. :-D


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Thyone !

I had an excellent week with three FO's. Already blogged about Reverb and now posting  my version of Thyone. Visually it is very appealing and I think it works well with a bright dominant colour on the shoulders and cuffs , less so on the bottom hem as it shortens the upper body.
So instead of ribbing in fuchsia I've continued downwards with the grey and just added two cute little pockets and the pink just peeping through. I love finding new constructions and it was a joy starting the collar and shoulders on this one. If you purchased the pattern you know what I mean.. Just be warned that with this type of construction you are well off with a slight negative east on the shoulders width to avoid  puckered  shoulders points. I used merino silk singles from Hedgehog fibres in Petrol (the grey ) and Poison (fuchsia). The dye is amazing but no more single ply purchases for me- the yarn is going fuzzy as you knit which is disappointing to say the least. The buttons are great find from an Israeli Etsy seller- mother of pearl in smoky grey - perfecto !
Those photos were taken my birthday ... :-))




Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Reverb !

After all my ranting I have to admit that after wet blocking with fabric conditioner, the yarn has transformed and blossomed into a decent velvety tweedy fabric. It actually feels very nice indeed.
I was not sure with the colour at first but now its really grown into me- summer-y and bright..
I had a struggle with the buttons- I bought expensive ceramic from the states and  a set of fancy painted wooden buttons only to settle for some cheap and nasty plastic buttons from John Lewis department store. I think they suit this cardi rather well.
I'm a bit aware of the collar but maybe it is just fussy me ..
All in all a great day to day cardigan :-)