Monday, 30 July 2012


This is Will by Kim Hargreaves. I've shown you a progress of it here. A classy piece with simple vertical lines created by knitting columns of cables.

I do love my greys  and this grey is actual a combination of two yarns held together . A rowan fine lace in black and a rowan kid silk haze in grey (639). The cardigan is very warm indeed and ever so soft against the skin.

A word of warning about the sleeves length. Because I'm rather short , my arms are short respectively so I tend to always deduct from the sleeves lengh stated in patterns. In this example I chose a lengh of 40 cm instead of the 46 cm that was indicated in the pattern . I sew the sleeves caps into the arm holes and looked in the mirror - an Oran-utang stared back. So a pair of scissors had to be pulled out and snip couple of stitches at the beginning of a row where I saw was fit. The yarn pulled out , live row revealed ,stitches picked and a knitting down commenced for few rows until a bind off. A good tip for you - I like to knit two together when binding off in a cable area - gives a neater straighter edge ! just be careful when doing this in polo neck as there is less give . 

Happy summer !

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ravi - Clue 2

Half way through Ravi , clue two finished at last after what seemed to be endless garter knitting. Clue 1 was blogged here.

I've debated how much to proceed after the waistline . I wanted the fronts to reach the belt point of my favourite low waist denim. That took 3 row increases as stated in the pattern-about 5-6 cm.

The safety pins attaching the fronts slightly distort the lace in this pic. I'm positive the i cord edging will smooth matters nicely.

I'm really looking forward to knit the curved bottom of the back. I'll keep you updated :)

My readers have just reached 10000 ! I feel very humble and grateful for the steady interest . Thank you so much !