Monday, 31 May 2010

My knitting Studio

We have moved a house, hence the long absence. It did not prevent me knitting but my pace slowed down considerably. The house is located in a small village, Brook, in the new forest national park and I'm still in awe about the surroundings, the scenery, nature, animals ..
Knitting wise , I chose today's post to be about my new knitting room. It is located in the loft, its spacious , its mine and it is all about my crafts.

I took great pleasure in sorting my stash into the baskets. The hanks or balls are all in plastic bags to prevent damage from moth (touching wood here) and from splitting by the basket's inner edges. The magazines are in easy reach and view on the top of the furniture. I still need to unpack all my knitting books and decide how to shelve them.

A grand old table is waiting to be restored to its former glory and then to be added here.

Not all yarn in the baskets , I store the 'un-inspiring' yarn out of sight.

Now it is time to sit comfortably down and get inspired !