Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rhinebeck !

I'm back in UK , only just escaping hurricane Sandy. Our virgin flight from JFK airport on Sunday night took longer as the pilot manoeuvred the plane up north away from the storm . The next Monday morning about 14000 flights were cancelled so I consider myself very fortunate indeed. Well ,except that my suitcase and all the yarn inside it went missing. Yep, it is resting somewhere in a power cut JFK airport waiting for flights to resume..

Nothing could be different just a week or so before . We arrived to New York City on Saturday evening and immediately there and then I was in awe of the scenes and the sights .

This was the view from my hotel's room window. Can you see the Empire state building? amazing !
I could not ask for a lovelier weather- blue skies and a warm bright sun, all enhancing those beautiful fall colours along the way to Rhinbeck.

I was with a group of four ladies of which company I enjoyed immensely. They are all strong characters with a common interest-knitting and yarn.
I did not take much photos of the stalls inside- I was just too eager to absorb all those yarn fumes :)

Here we are somewhat tired but ever so happy- waiting for the shuttle bus to the train station.


Back to the hotel we emptied our bags, had a show and tell and argued who was the biggest spender..I think I got the 2nd price ;-)

I think my most prised purchase is those knitting needles, handmade glass with a lifetime repair guarantee - no questions asked. In my opinion they are the most beautiful needles I've ever seen. Sadly they are still in New york ..


The next few days in New york city were dedicted to visiting some beautiful yarn shops , but that part  is for another post. Good night ! :-)

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