Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Beginnings in New York

New beginning shawl was my chosen travelling project in New York. I cast on a day before the flight , knitted enough rows to establish edges and spine and all was packed neatly with my bamboo circulars in my hand luggage straight through Heathrow Security- no questions asked. The needles were clicking (well not really , remember bamboo ?) during take off and most of the flight. The project grew mainly in the small hours of the mornings when I could not sleep, in Starbucks coffee breaks and in Kansas where I was visiting little sis.

The pattern is part of the love collection by Boo knits. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I don't like wearing large shawls, so knitted it with a the wonderfuly soft Orkney Angora 4 ply in light grey. The yarn was purchased in the summer when holidaying in the Jurassic coast . If you are ever in Bridport go and have a look at this yarn shop. It is a really little knitterly heaven .

The pattern is easy but still interesting. The feather and fan lace repeats grow and become  more pronounced towards the edges. There are wavy stripes of reverse knitting which I love.

I chose a simple garter edging but there is other lacy choice with beading.

Just lovely ! :) 


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