Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hazy Orkney in progress

One beautiful fair isle cardigan stood out from Rowan magazine 52 . I knew I had in stash most of the felted tweed colours so immediately cast on the back, finished the rib, knitted few more rows and then encountered a slight problem- Celadon ,a greenish colour was missing and was only found couple of months later on. I find it really irritating when a magazine comes out but the yarn is not available. Why to publish the magazine then?

I have also a huge stash of kidsilk haze so when appropriate I paired it with the felted tweed. The result fabric is richer and there is a bit of halo caused by the mohair.

This is how it looks in the mag. My mods so far- I lengthen the body to look more like the length on the model.
 Back is done and one front. I contemplated of doing some waist shaping but did not bother- I may live to regret this decision.

Gorgeous isn't it ?!!

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  1. I love this jacket but... too busy with baby for the moment ;)
    Later maybe!?