Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubillee sweater

I had in mind to knit this sweater for the Jubilee weekend here in Britain. I know that the queen is not eveybody's cup of tea but I had to swear allegiance to her when accepting British citizenship and she symbolised the country where my life I live . A lot of Union jack flags were raised this pass week on houses , shops, cars and streets and  I raised my own one in the way I know and love best ..

You can see that I used neutral colours for the flag. There is no strong red and blue in your face. All the yarn are from British sheep breeds , undyed of Rowan . The breeds in use are bluefaced Leicester- fairly fine, dense and demi-lustrous, soft to the touch and drapes well, Jacob with their often multiple horns and Suffolk -its fleece moderately short with fine fibers.

I used one of Rowan's designs , the union flag dress to knit my sweater. On the model in the Rowan website the dress looks very well fitted. Truth is that the model is tucking away the unsightly extra width of the sleeves. The designer decided to have a very wide but shallow sleeve caps to set in the armholes. The result is excess fabric in the shape of 'arm wings'.. So, to the person who is reading this and decides on knitting this -you are strongly advised to calculate again those sleeves caps. I am too fed up to reknit the sleeves -one will just have to do with what it got !



  1. With the UK or US flag it looks always somehow prestigious!
    I wouldn't see myself with a Belgian flag... Even if our king just changed!