Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Devonshire !

Finally got to blog about Devonshire , it was raining almost solid for three weeks so could not get it photographed.  The designer is Pam Powers and you can get the pattern here.

I used Skein queen 'blush'- red riding hood a beautiful variegated warm and cold reds with dark strokes in a sports weight in a luxurious blend of cashmere and merino. The yarn is so soft you can wear it next to the skin. I was too lazy to knit this cardigan with alternating rows of two different skeins so there is a bit of light red pooling on the right front. The pattern calls for a dk weight but the difference in chest sizes between XS and S (78 cm, 91.5 cm !! ) are too great so I chose the small version with a thinner yarn hence the sport weight of 'blush'.

There are striking lace pannels on the two fronts and the back. I suppose if I chose solid color the lace would show to a better effect but I'm happy with the results.

One thing that I learn when picking up stitches for a continous band along the front edge up , around the back neck and down again is to be wary of the v neck points. Do pick up extra stitches  (I added 3 stitches ) on those points otherwise you're risking an unruly bands.


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  1. a lovely wear it well! Beautifully made too :)