Wednesday, 15 October 2014

VulcanSpy Hat !

Took a quick break from packing for Rhinebeck to show you this lovely hat knitted to my friend.
You know when a friend does you a favour which you are very grateful for but money isn't at all appropriate? well its easy for us knitters, we just knit from our heart.
Ali wanted a slouchy hat with a pompom. Few hat patterns were shown to her and the favourite was this three coloured slouchy piece , the Vulcanspy hat
I tried to use similar colours as the original model as I knew she loved the combination. For the dull blue and the dark beige I used stash- Rowan kid Classic. But I had to find this bright neon peach and I was lucky to spot couple of skeins in hedgehog fibres update which arrived promptly.

I always appreciate a good design and if I learn something new, its a bonus.
The hat is dense and warm and, using a DK weight on small needles. Instead of labouring with a cable needle you use a quick little manoeuvre (you have to read it in the pattern I'm afraid) to achieve a cable looking slant.
Also I managed to cast on with a different method than I usually use for tubular cast on- it looks a bit like long tail cast on but with a different needle motions. Ysolda have a video for that in her tutorials.
I love the extra cover for the ears - just brilliant!
It is all done except the pompom.. sigh - not my favourite thing and I have a good excuse for my procrastination - R H I N E B E C K !!! :-)


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