Sunday, 28 September 2014

Endearment and a Donkey !

My Endearment is complete and here is the proof :-)
I was trying to persuade this beautiful mare to tilt her head to the camera but she stubbornly insisted of showing us ,ahem.. her ass. Where I live there are ever growing in numbers herds of well behaved donkeys. This late September there are few new adorable foals which will have to grow fast to survive the winter's cold.
Back to my Endearment, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it. It is a beautiful pattern with a vintage feel to it and with some lovely thought details. I've never knitted before such double knit hems and cuffs so was happy to learn a new method. It took me less than 300 grams of 4 ply to make the small size.
It took me a while to decide on the buttons , had to find 6 pairs that match the greyness and lace pattern. I chose odd metal silver buttons I had in stash . They are almost all different from each other and it add to this cardigan's charm.

On the 16th of October I am flying with a small group of obsessed ladies. We all share the same obsession of course ;-)The destination is New York city and Rhinebeck wool show. I was there two years ago and it was an amazing trip which I intend to repeat :)
will keep you posted !

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