Sunday, 3 August 2014

Veste Ilona in yellow and gold

Few months ago Caroline whatsapped me in excitement about this marvellous cotton cardi sample in a Nice knitting shop. Unbeknown to her a mutual friend, Tracy, was also visiting Nice at that time . All of us decided to buy the yarn to knit this glam cardigan; Caroline in the original Anni Blatt Louxur cotton in pale peach, Tracy in Anny blatt purple and I just asked for the tape yarn 'Victoria' in gold to match Rowan cotton glace 'butter' I had in stash.

I was super motivated at the beginning and enjoyed working the easy to memorise cables and the exquisite , gold chain bracelet like bands..
Alas, I only realized after finishing the back that the yardage of Rowan cotton glace is significantly lower than the original Anny Blatt louxur cotton. I desparately needed  more balls , otherwise my cardigan is going to turn into a vest ! My dear friend Wendy which seems to stock all Rowan discontinued  colours and yarns came to the rescue ( and not for the first time..) and I got about ten (just needed 3-4) more yellow balls which saved the day but added more to stash...
Another problem rose, the dye batches although not very different to the naked eye are actually rather clashing when are knitted next to each other. The iPhone camera really picks up the difference and emphasizes it. The new batch is yellower (see sleeve?)..
Its all done now , which was a bit of a drag, I so much more love knitting with wool than cotton. Caroline which can knit without looking at her work reports a spilitty Anny blatt cotton yarn...
My son took some photos today as I have a duty to post :-) they are OK but the cardigan is now shoved to some dark drawer. We need some time apart ..



  1. Shame about the differnce in dyelots, but nevertheless this is a beautiful cardigan and suits you so well! Very much doubt that anybody else would notice the slight shade difference - wear it with pride, it's gorgeous!
    Terdotty on rav x

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Dyelots? What dyelots..... ;)