Sunday, 17 August 2014

Triangle jacket -test knitting

I succumbed to test knitting once more : )
This Jacket popped up few times on my friends favourite in ravelry and I remember being intrigued with that lovely triangular pocket and the those curvy lines along the body. The designer is Jutta  HintermStein ; have a look at her projects, tailored, fitted , flattering ..

The recommended yarn for this jacket shouldn't be too drapery, you need an element of rigidness and stiffness to make this work as a Jacket.  I had a tight deadline so had to choose stash yarn- RYC rowan baby alpaca. I know, not the best choices for this garment but the plan was to knit it dense and tight  (3.25 mm for body and 2.5 for collar and button bands) which also served my sizes dilemma. I find at times that I'm between the XS and S of the pattern given measurements so on many occasions I'm choosing to go up a size and knit it slightly tighter.

The pattern was written in European (mainland) style. It gives you all the information you need to know without too much paper waste and assumes the knitter will know how to progress. Perhaps a bit challenging to the novice knitter and I was mentally comparing it to the British and American patterns which mostly spoon feeding you with all instructions. I also loved the abundant small photo inserts which were very helpful.

My mods were making the pockets less tall - personal preference I guess.
I knitted few more rows for the collar to be sure its going to behave and sit back and for extra help I even sew two vintage baby black glass buttons on the collar to keep matters in place..

So pleased how it turned out, even with the alpaca..



  1. I can't say how proud I am to be mentioned here in your wonderful blog!
    Thank you so much for testknitting, you look absolutely stunning in this jacket!!
    and thanks to the photographer, who did a good job pointing out your beauty and charisma!

  2. Smashing!!!! Really striking sweater/jacket!!