Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer Dawn or my little La Fosca Cardigan

Here is my Summer Dawn . It was almost all knitted up or rather down in  Spain and only the last two inches of the sleeves were knitted at home. It took me less than 2 skeins of 4 ply, 100 grams each to knit this. I have in my stash quite a few pairs of sock yarn from various clubs so to knit an elbow length sleeved cardigan is a wonderful way to use those.
The yarn is truly magnificent, Dear Viola please take a break from your Sabbatical, you were gone too long and we all miss you terribly :)  I saw it in Loop, London few years ago in this Sample and fell in love . The colour called Sea storm- blue, teal, green and gold- beautiful !


I was literally enjoying every minute of it. The lace at the back very easy to memorise and I love how it spills just a little bit at the fronts. Look at that shoulder seam detail, and the way the sleeves just happen to grow from it.

Got the buttons in a little haberdashery shop in Palomos. There's some tiny writings in the brass in the brass which says 'butter nature'- who cares , the brass goes nicely with those gold spots..

The sunshine brings out the green tones - its actually bluer than that.

Am really pleased with this one , so wearable .. and did I mention the colour?  ;-))
Knit on !!

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  1. That colour is really stunning! And a cool & classy way of using lace (only in the back).