Saturday, 3 August 2013

Long sands !

Finally we all have had here couple of weeks of blazing sun. Summer arrived with full force. Some of you in the south may have encountered an odd lady knitting with a chunky alpaca on Poole sandbanks beach. She looked as if she was enjoying herself immensely and every so often her knitting was thrown to the side whilst she hurried up to baste herself with some sea water..

So in the hottest days of year a chunky cardigan was born. It was really a quick knit and pure love because only love could make me handle this beautiful chain like Rowan chunky alpaca in the scorching heat. The one Saturday early morning that rained and the weather slightly cooled down I was able to wear it for the photo shoot without melting down..

The summer sale in John Lewis department store coincided more or less with the publication of Long Sands. My squishy balls went down by 50 %- just perfect, I bought 9 but used less than 7.
Its a really simple knit and Amy plays with bands of purls and knit stitches. Its about texture and the layout of the cardigan. I love the way the fronts meet up at the back of the neck . Its cosy and warm for autumn, something you can just slip quickly and go and still radiant luxury. Amy Christoffers is a one to stalk ;-) I just love her style.

The cuffs first felt too tight but I blocked the two sleeves with long wires and stretched them slightly, they are perfect fit now. Also don't graft the the fronts together at mid back neck point until you sewn  front extensions to the back neck. Than you can add or take away a row or two for a perfect fit.

Tommorow I'm on a flight to Spain and my travel project is packed -viola yarn with some lovely ebony needles to go with for the flight. From past experience I dont expect to find good yarn but hey I've got stash beyond life expectancy.. happy knitting !

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of this lovely pattern! I love your version.