Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Through the loops -Mystery shawl clue 2

Word of warning - spoiler photos below !!

Kirstin Kapur from Through the loops is a fantastic shawl designer.
I did not hesitate to join her latest mystery shawl KAL.
The shawl called for three co-ordinated colours . Heavy variegation was not recommended.
I spent some time with my stash and at last chose three sock yarns. I've looked at the ravelry forum and noticed a lot of bold block colours which gave dramatic effects. I made a decision to have my shawl more subtle. The yarns have some variegation in them so the stripes are less defined . The colours are mingling with each other. I love the way it looks. 

 I used two sock yarn from malabrigo for the stripes section. The one with the acid green ,'turner',is a left over from my oak  shawlette. The other malabrigo 'eggplant' has a dull tones of dark purple and is a nice background for those acid greens. The sock yarn used for the lace is more twisted and shiny- sokkusu 'man of rock' from socktopus. It has soft pale tones of lilac, purple ,green and even pink. At the moment it is not available .I was just reading in her blog that first there wont be anymore London knit-nation events in the foreseeable future - a real shame as it was a success, and secondly the Sokkusu yarn will be produced by her business partner later on this year. I'm going to watch that space!

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  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous as per usual when you knit anything dear Ilana :-)
    The three yarns work really well together.