Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Reverb fever !

As soon as Wool People 5 came out and I saw this crisp cardigan everything else I was working on was shoved unceremoniously to the further side of the sofa , my hands were shaking and a fever took hold to cast on. I did not even want to wait and order yarn. The only supplier of Jared Flood's yarn- Loop yarn in London does not have in stock much of that beautiful dirty yellow.

I wanted instant gratification so the only suitable yarn I found in my stash was a bright green discontinued Rowan Scottish tweed DK in apple. I have only 7 balls and I know I'm somewhat short on yardage but with a blind knitter faith I dived in. I'm trusting that designers increase the yarn requirement by about 10 percent, I have short arms and I'm going to make waist shaping- surely this is going to work ... :-))

The yarn is awful, I never have had so many knots concentrated in one spot. The yarn at times is not even plied . Look at the photo below -it is like knitting with two strands together- absolutely appalling. It is as scratchy as you expect as well..
 But the fact is that I'm enjoying the pattern immensely, it is easily memorised . Look at those crisp waves  and excellent definition,. A wonderful design by Tanis Lavallee .
will keep you updated ! x

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  1. That is so beautiful. I can fully understand why despite yarn troubles you are loving it <3

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