Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowflake photo shoot !

Yesterday I wove in the last thread all in good order for a planned trip to Patricia Roberts yarn shop. The weather typically turned to the worst with snow forecast so the trip was delayed.  A shame as I really pushed on hard to finish it. I feel a big relief  because snowflake demanded lots and lots of knitting in a dense small gauge with islands of intarsia and mountains of fair isles knitting.

I love the feel of the fabric- the softness of the lamb wool with the halo of the angora islands. The colour scheme is pleasing with all that clutter of zigzag lines and snowflakes . The camera just is not capable of capturing that. I adore the dense rows of cables along the neck band and cuffs.

I made a few modifications mainly shaping slightly the waist  and changing pattern sequence on the sleeves- no argyle pattern on the sleeves.

You can see a close up shots in this post.

I was shivering when those photos were taken , where is the spring?? !

Happy knitting....... :-)

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  1. That sweater is gorgeous! with a capital G!