Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rikke hat

This hat was knitted as a gift to my sister. I had a wonderful visit in Kansas last October after the Rhinebeck experience and promised her a woolly hat in dark blue. I went for a simple stylish design, all knitted in garter stitch in the round. The style is slouchy which I find appealing.  I really like the smooth transition from the brim to the main body- you just change the needle size. The pattern is free as well .

I used the yarn that was left from my Cria cardigan. I just can't resist that blue.

If I was to knit the hat again I would make the body shorter by 3-4 cm as the garter do stretch and this hat is super slouchy. I skyped my sister and she was fine with the slouchiness :)

It is now travelling over the pond, cant wait to see it on my dear little sis  :)


  1. I just knit this for my sister as well. Agree about thoughts on shortening the length. Looks good, though.

  2. Great hat. Thanks for adding the link. I have added it to my favourites.