Sunday, 2 December 2012

Orkney is done !

Here is my Orkney all finished at last. I am really taken with this one. The colours are bold and I would not have thought of putting them together but it is definitely working together and I just love , love those happy splashes of yellow . I think the designer Marrie Wallen excelled here - its my favourite design out of the Rowan 52 magazine .
I have posted about my (slow) progress here and here.
I have changed some of the colours mainly the yellow felted tweeds  to achieve a brighter colour, so used three strands of yellow kidsilk haze type I had in my stash (not rowan). I've also knitted longer the body (added about 5-6cm to the length) since It seemed to me the one on the model looked longer from what stated in the pattern. I also blocked to achieve slight waist shaping.

Here are few photos just before heading to Salisbury Xmas market today. It was bitterly cold but this cardigan felt very wintry and xmas-ey.

The shawl is Erato for those who are interested, made with a gorgeous mink yarn I received as part of the knitspot yarn club.
The beaded hat is one of Kim Hargreaves .

I feel real proud with my Orkney, it was a lot of work but definitely worth it..Happy knitting !


  1. It looks amazing. I just cannot face the thought of knitting fair isle back and forth. You're my hero.

  2. Thanks!:) I'll go to great lengths not to face steeking..

  3. I love it!
    Well done you - such a talented knotter
    See you Saturday

  4. Your Orkney is simply gorgeous.