Thursday, 30 December 2010

Caterpillar's photo shoot

Kaffe Fassett's Caterpillar is now complete. Today the temperatures rose to a balmy 7C so it was enough for me to just slip it on and have a little walk  up the lane to the  green . There been a persistent fog last couple of days but my sparkly and colorful caterpillar drove all the grey away.

The knitting itself was quick with the 7mm needles. There is a shiny lurex in each row but it is accompanied by either double kid silk haze or rowan kid classic. I didn't have all the original colors, some are discontinued so had to substitute some colors but am pleased with the overall color scheme.  Reflecting back I think that if I was to do it again I would omit about 12 rows from the body's length. I'm petite and seldom wear long tunics which swallows my frame.

Those new forest ponies were not impressed at all with my presence , next time I'll bring carrots.

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting to you !!

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