Sunday, 5 December 2010


The yarn for Scottie was laying dormant for at least eight years. It is the softly spun natural fleece by Jaeger.
Scottie was knitted out of necessity. An eastern arctic wave of snow and ice was hitting this country .

I'm naturally drawn to fine yarns and holding the thick  9mm needles took some time to adjust to. I wanted a thick zipped long Cardigan and chose a Martin Storey design from a jaeger JB 32 booklet. It is very quick to knit , thick yarn is very rewarding in that aspect. The zipper though took couple of days to sew and I made it fit right to the top of the collar so that when you feel extra chilly you zip yourself right up and cover your neck.
Scottie is my favourite homely warmer. I'm pleased.


Maxi also thinks its comfy !! 

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  1. Just looking at it makes me feel warmer already, nicely done!