Sunday, 19 July 2009

Slow growth..

I've been busy with sugar. It is growing painfully slow, endless white knitting..I have 2 black and white border collies that shed hair at the same speed I managed to clear. The black hairs somehow always manage to lift themselves and lodge in the white pristine stitches. I've always raised an eyebrow when shopping on e-bay for wool and reading the 'pet free house' comments but now have a greater sympathy for the subject. Just have to accept that my white cardi is going to be a mixture of silky mohair, supreme shetland and canine fur..

The construction of this cardigan is unusual , not your normal 2 fronts, back and 2 sleeves . So far I've knitted the back and 2 front seamlessly up to armholes , put the 2 fronts stitches on scrap yarn and knitted up the back while decreasing for the armholes.

July is an anticipation month for the forthcoming autumn season. My postman does not know it but he is being watched constantly. I'm learining from past mistakes and wont allow my collies to get to my Rowan magazine, not even a sniff. I prefer my magazines without toothmarks, you see..;-) .I've seen some previews of the patterns and the fair isles are good.

goodbye for now.

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