Friday, 24 July 2009

Featherweight inspiration

My favourite past time when fed up with my office work is to check other knitting blogs, ravelry, online magazines, etc.. You can learn a lot about whats going on in the knitting world. what patterns are popular, which magazines got out, books etc. I think its wonderful people can self publish their designs all online , no need for books. Great opportunity for working from home and even setting up your own business. I take great pleasure in watching how knitters pick their favourite design and then make it their own, modify it, substitute the yarn, change a few details. I get so much inspiration from it. Here is example of this kind;

Hanna Fettig from knitbot published a breezy little top, done in Malabrigo lace, featherweight cardigan. Now when I saw it I thought its is cute , charming and good for using my Malabrigo. Then I spotted such a wonderful version knitted by Taryn : see photo above as well.

Taryn used dream in color , baby, in shiny moss color. The photography helps but you can see how elegant this top became after adding the feather and fan hem. I absolutely adore this piece and thank you so much Taryn for explaining how you modified Hanna's pattern. Sorry Hanna, but in this case I think the pupil might outdone the master!
Socktopus , as far as I know are the only ones who stock baby but the colors are limited and when phoning them did not seem to be helpful in ordering shiny moss for me so I might be needing to order it from the states..
Where is the summer by the way? Is that it?!

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