Friday, 22 May 2009

Double Martha

While the knitting the Marion Foale's Jacket goes somewhat slowly, I thought to start organise previous knits into some manageable order. In Rowan magazine no 37, 'Martha' in 4 ply cotton by Stella smith proved to be so successful I have knitted it twice. In 2006 I chose a green 4 ply mercerised cotton which I purchased in the historic town Trogir-unesco world heritage site, Croatia and set it with the jeager turquoise beads.

Husband knows that when travelling, no matter where, the missus has to have her yarn shop fix .I'm doing my bit of research and bookmarking all interesting 'yarn /buttons/beads' places .Whilst in Sardinia, I have read in the tourist guide that a Macomer ,has a long tradition in wool manufacture so with high expectations I dragged the tribe along in a filthy cold weather but upon arrival nothing was in sight, a complete sleepy town. I stopped at a cafe to drown my sorrows and while having the best chocolate I've ever tasted, I did some pantomime and tried to ask the Sardinian waitress ‘ donde' wool? She of course did not understand a word in English but after a few tries she pulled me out of the cafe and next door, hidden at the back was a little heaven of yarny staff...bliss..and there I found my really soft charcoal hairy 4 ply alpaca! Written on the label - silke by arvier, bergamo Italy. The six soft balls lay dormant in the stash until I felt the crave to redo martha again. The beads are the gunmetal from jeager. This one is one of my favourites.

and zooming in, see all those white hairs on the black background…

yum..I'm going to have my own llamas, you'll see..I'm already asserting it on dear husband...

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