Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pirouette Shawl!

Here is my test knitting for Beata Kaptur. I stumbled on the her project on Ravelry and just couldn't take my eyes off this shawl. The wavy edging is just so different and striking. I commented her about the shawl and told her she should publish it. Bea replied that first she is to test knit it so I volunteered without further due and cast on a day later...
I used lace yarn held double from stash- it was mostly club yarn from 'skein'. However I've started the shawl with a yarn that was gifted to me by the daughter of my dear talented friend Elseline who passed away recently and suddenly ,way way too young. It is still such a numbing shock to me.
It is I think a fitting way for a knitter to remember a loved another by knitting her yarn ..

Very difficult to capture om my (iPhone) camera. The colour is gently changing from light blue to sage, grey and purple grey.
The shawl is not symmetrical, Bea was using short rows to shape it , adding twisted ribbing along the way and ending with a very clever wavy border of branching double ribbing with a cute picot edge just at the end sides. The border needed a careful attention to chart but ever so worth it- very striking indeed.
Thanking Bea for letting me test knit it -so very gratifying :-)

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  1. So beautiful and such a lovely way to remember your friend, very sorry to hear of her passing xx