Sunday, 27 March 2016

Askews me shawl!

My first attempt at Brioche stitch. I've been eyeing Stephen west Brioche stitch mania designs for a long time but was somewhat discouraged by my lack of knowledge.
It took a lovely day at Yarn Story, Bath to finally master Brioche. The tutor Renee from East London knit was very patient with me - I was developing a bit of a fever which didn't prevent me from travelling to Bath but significantly dimmed my brain power..
I chose Askews me shawl as I've seen some amazing FO's. But decided of using stash so chose lots of 4 ply  weight sock yarns to be knitted with a 3.25mm circulars.
My work was slow as I was conscious not to have mistakes which I knew were very difficult to amend in this particular stitch.

The fun bit was to choose the combination of yarns for the dark and light sides. I used a lot of hedgehog fibres speckled sock yarn for the light side and some dramatic, clashing, bold choices for the dark side. My colour choices raised a few eye brows with my knitting group ladies and family but I feel that it all pieced together in the end and now I have a pretty unique grown-up shawl to cherish.

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  1. Looks great on you! I think the colors play well together.