Friday, 11 December 2015

Even Flow!

I've been knitting it on and off throughout Autumn and now got the time to actually write a post.
It was designed by the talented Joji which by the way published another striking collection of which a certain black coat is being eyed closely..

I was drawn the the texture of the fabric and intrigued how to create that elongated slip stitch-so easy once you knit it. I'd like to knit more pieces with that stitch pattern such as those hat and gloves.

I love using kid silk mohair together with a smoother light weight yarn to achieve knit tension of heavier weight yarn. You are left with a cosy, light weight fabric that takes in and blend the two colours together. In this case I chose Tosh sock in 'Rose', a very delicate light pink with Hedgehog fibres kid silk lace in 'Tea cup', white with gentle splashes of brown and neon pink.

Here is a close up of my shawl pin head- a ewe staring sheepishly upwards :-) A great find from Kettle yarn & Co.

I made the cardi shorter than stated in the pattern but it still looks long and lush, I know that mohair is not to everybody's taste but when its cold it feels ever so cosy and snug..

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