Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tau !

My latest cardigan- TAU by Melanie Berg.
An asymmetrical front, knitted from the top down with raglan sleeve shaping, a basket weave pattern textures the front panel and sleeve cuffs.
The pattern states 4 ply yarn but I went for a sturdier, condensed fabric and chose to knit with Tosh sport, colour Calligraphy. Its difficult to photograph Calligraphy, but it one of the nicest neutrals I've ever knitted with. You can see some very pale peach and purple tones trying to come through , just lovely.

There is a large positive ease so I chose the extra small size at first, knitted down to almost sleeves separation and then noticed the neck line, much tighter and rounder than the other sizes and not at all flattering.
 Here it is before I frogged it all-


I went the next size up with the neck cast on but kept the body increases in between size small and extra small. That worked much better.

I had only 4 skeins of Tosh sport which weren't quite enough so I sneaked in the sleeves some tosh sock in Calligraphy.

with regard to buttons I had these beautiful glass buttons purchased from fro the Mud buttons boot in Rhinebeck. I had only eight buttons so had to increases the gap between button holes. It looks less busy on the fronts.

Very pleased with the outcome- quite elegant I think.

On Saturday I'm travelling again to Bath, trying a dye work shop in 'yarn story' shop. Very much looking forward to.. update to follow..


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