Saturday, 7 June 2014

s t a s h m a n i a !

Anything with chevron immediately catches my eye. Actually the only pattern I designed from scratch had a chevron textures in it. Anne weaver's version was just what I needed a full on chevron cardigan.

I bought the pattern and then a delightful searching and planning begun. I liked the broad stripes but wanted to go a bit further into the Missoni domain ,so chose to knit with width changing stripes in some sort of colour scheme. I made a swatch with stash yarn mostly from my skein lace club held doubled .

I was almost going to go with that tasteful delicate purple/green colours but at the last minute I changed my mind and went for a full on colour party that was inspired from this lovely version.
I changed the colours as the knitting grew , at times ripping back and starting with a different yarn. I chose all yarn from stash either 4 ply weight or lace held double , all hairy yarn even fuzzy like kidsilk haze. I've decided to coordinate the sleeves with the body stripes -  a slow process that required meticulous counting of rows.

The buttons were purchased in Nice by Caroline which took a sample of light blue skein lace and made a perfect match. The buttons are transparent with some glittery stuff , am delighted with them :-)
By the way I gifted Caroline for the yarn to make her monomania. She's almost done and I cant wait to see hers..

When all was done I showed it to my biggest fashion critic, my 13 years old daughter who eyed it and said- mom it is c o l o u r f u l...well , yes it is ! and when the sun is shining and suddenly all looks bright I wear my monomania with pride.. :-))



  1. It's absolutely lovely, great colours, very meticulous work - I am in awe!
    Terdotty x

  2. Stunning colour combination - especially the repetition of the blue which holds it all together but it's the coordination of the sleeves and body that really makes it fabulous. Now hard it is it for a non-knitter? Viv x

  3. What a beautiful sweater you made. It is just stunning......the color combo is just amazing....I think it is the best Monomania yet!!

  4. MADLY in love with your chevron cardi! Gorgeous! I'm knitting Pumpkin Ale also in blue and have a pic of YOURS on my blog Monday 6/15. Drats that you've made me add your cardi to my must knit pile!!! (I live in Coastal Georgia USA and don't really require a lotta sweaters!!!)

  5. Outstanding !