Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rocio !

Here's my Rocio, just the perfect addition for a breezy sunny spring day. It is light weight
, feel soft against bare skin with enough material to blow elegantly in the breeze. I spoke in details about the yarn here so I'll save you this time from going on and on about its lushness..

Here is a close up of the blocked back lace and those leaves reveal themselves. I'm not always in favour of bobbles but they enhance the appearance of the lace.

Buttons are small smoky mother of pearl with a gentle etching on the outer circumference from bedecked, look in their rowan section. I modified the cardigan to have button holes all along the button band .Seven buttons in total and one of them not in a practical place , above the v neck point, just for pure prettiness- I usually add a button there :-)

Here is a couple of photos taken in the annual cuckoo fair in Dawnton, New forest. The cardigan is hardly dried, buttons not even added but I wore it nonetheless..


Do you see what I mean by gently blowing in the breeze?

and last but not least I'm treating you to this beautiful Rivington cowl made by the talented Caroline.
The yarns are uncommon threads tough sock in confetti , sort of white twisted sock yarn with the odd coloured dots of pink, light blue knitted together with another grey-ish tough sock not sure the colour's name. Absolutely gorgeous !

Pumpkin Ale is done as well, of which will be posted in the next entry , see you there !

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