Thursday, 3 April 2014

Catboat !

I saw the potential in this garment as soon as it came out but the dark brown colour of the yarn and its wooliness in the model sample did not bring out , in my opinion all those lovely details. Use smoother yarn like the fabulous Sweet Georgia dk with its subtle hand dyed variegation and this cardigan just begs to be knitted..

I was wondering if to omit the stand on collar as was done by Caroline's beautiful catboat but decided to keep it . When its cold the collar can be easily be buttoned up to keep ones neck nice and toasty and when the sun is shining the collar lays obediently sideways.. 

I love those garter shoulders and the wide garter hem and the travelling cables. Its just the right amount to make this cardi wholesome.

Nice swirly buttons from John Lewis there-

So if you're after a quick satisfying knit, catboat is your choice, totally recommend knitting it and actually it is being carefully folded to be flown to Sicily tomorrow for a nice sunny break.. oh just wait till you'll see my holiday knitting..

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