Sunday, 2 February 2014

Manchuria Jacket

Here is the photo of the Manchuria jacket , one of the beautiful designs in the 'map' collection by Amimono /Helga Isager.
The design immediately drew my attention. Those patchy blocks of colour assembled in an attractive way, the choice of colours, and of course the shawl collar.


I ordered the kit on line directly from Amimono website, and after a month when nothing arrived had to send a polite reminder which seem to do the trick .. I loved the design so much that I ordered the kit without the booklet in English. There are 5 colours in the kit of Isager Spinni, a three ply weight of what seems to be a twisted single spun ply. I would never have thought to put those 5 colours together- medium grey, dark brown, black, peach and light yellow but those colours are knitted together all the way through with a fine strand of peachy silk mohair which acts as mediator -quiets down the tone of the other colours. The result looks like high end fashion- just exquisite.
 I'm lucky to have a wonderful friend who knows Danish and translated the pattern for me. We knitters understand each others passions..
The designer chose to construct this jacket in stripes of which are to be sewn together.
Precision is key here so I've blocked the front and put lock markers to help with the sewing..
The sewing becomes part of the design as there are accentuated V's of slip stitches along those seams.

I hope the length of the jacket won't become an issue for me, as it looks slightly short for my liking.
I'll keep you updated of course..
Good knitting ! x



  1. Beautiful colours - it looks incredibly delicate