Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Deer with little antlers hat

 About a month ago when doing the school run I've been asked to donate my time and knit Xmas puddings to the village Xmas fayre. I agreed but then changed my mind. First I just could not imagine anybody in their right mind buying silly things like that even for a good cause and 2nd I loath knitting objects you cant wear or cover yourself with.
Plan B was to knit something practical like a hat but with a Xmas feel to it, hence the red deer hat.

This is a pattern from woodland knits by tiny owl knits. I've seen this pattern and its canine and crochet variations go viral on the web...
I don't particularly enjoy fiddling with little stuff but I must admit the result is rather cute and adorable.

The hat and ears were knitted with rowan chunky Scottish tweed , leftover from this.
The inner ears were knitted with some hairy 4 ply alpaca and pink kidsilk haze I had in stash.
The antlers were lovingly soaped and massaged into felting by my son. The right antler somewhat less poised than the left. No matter as you can see it brought much joy to the wearer.. :-)


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  1. is there a pattern for the deer hat with ribbed turtle neck for a greyhound dog??