Sunday, 13 January 2013

Going back memory lane - Patricia Roberts

If you happen to be on a London knitting tour do try to get an inside glance at the Patricia Roberts' knitting shop. Her website does not show case her latest designs. I've been a stoker for her knitting kits for sale link for  few years now but alas apparently its still coming soon...
Patricia Roberts was a big name in the eighties but don't be fooled by all those big oversize multi color tops , here and there you'll find some real treasures.

I've been collecting her books ( see a photo above ) and again and again I see myself  coming back to those loved , well worn books and admiring and getting inspired by the color combination , fit and stitch pattern. Some of the designs definitely in need of toning down but the potential is awesome..

My dear friend the knitting Cyclist knitted  few of her designs and is a regular visitor to her London shop. I'm having a fantastic first class updates from her. This is how I heard about 'Snowflake'. In all honesty the photo below (which my friend knitted) does not do justice to the garment. It is such a pleasing and striking combination of white-grey-black shades with islands of pop out angora.

I straight away phoned the shop and ordered the kit.
My version is slightly different. The main colour is in her own brand- Patricia Roberts lambswool 1  in flannel colour which is light grey. If you wish to sub it go for a very thin 4 ply thickness or a 3 ply yarn. The zigzag lines are knitted in other colours - mid grey and charcoal. Also the pattern calls for her angora yarn which is more like a dk/sport in weight - I chose dark purplish grey and light lemon. I love the grellow look :). The other angora colours are from my stash -Orkney 4 ply angora in white and grey .

You have to have some patience for all that intarsia and fair isle but I'm loving a very minute of it so far.

I''m currently doing the fronts but it is a slow knit .It will take quite some time to finish it - there are other knitting commitments out there of which I'm sure to post later.
Knit on ! :)

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  1. Love it!
    I have finished my version!
    When shall we meet to compare?