Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ravi-Clue 3 !

Clue 3 was very quickly knitted . I was holidaying with the family in Dorset whilst clue three was published and my hands were twitching to grab and knit that lovely back curved hem. What was great in this KAL is that every step of the way you could make your own mods under the guide and care of the designer .

I know some knitters preferred to knit a less curved hem as not ,ahem ,make a big butt feature but I went along with a nice deep curve reaching mid bottom. That whats took my attention when I first saw carol modelling it. It looks especially nice in side view I think.

The buttons were purchased in Liberty-London in this trip. They made out and look like the stuff you see on the dashboard of expensive cars. There is acute little arrow inside them. I think Ravi deserves those lovelies. They go nicely with the brown shades in the sock yarn.

The back does not need any blocking even with all those dozens short rows. The sock yarn is thin enough.
 I do love that nifty icord bind off.

And now eagerly awaiting clue 4 - the sleeves finale !

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