Friday, 13 April 2012

The beautiful sand and sea shawl

I'm getting quite addicted to Alana Dakos designs- see gnarled oak cardigan and the sugar and cream cowl. The sand and sea shawl jumped the queue as soon as I saw the one my friend Caroline had knitted. She used only one yarn for the whole shawl, one strand for the body and double the strand for the edging. The yarn is hedgehog merino silk lace in one of the recent clubs. After I was raving on and on about it she made a gift of her 38 grams left overs.

I knew there is not enough for the whole shawl so I've knitted the body with the gifted yarn but the edging was done in a neutral cream colours ,again merino silk lace from hedgehog fibres (colour birch).

The colours are truer in those close up photos. The gifted yarn is truly amazing-beautiful shades of green , lilac and yellowy brown.

I have slightly modified the body to accommodate as much yarn as possible , so I just progressed slower with the short rows.

I'm getting lots of compliments about this one, truly pleased ! :-)

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