Saturday, 18 February 2012

Plisse Jacket

Two things attracted me to this piece when first seeing it in this book- its texture and swingy floaty way it hangs on the body. I still find the texture appealing - two different yarns are being used with the same size  knitting needle, the yarns are a good match in colour both darkish forest green that I like. The thicker *(sport weight I'd say ) one is lamb's wool of Patricia Roberts in olive tweedy green-really nice bouncy wool and the other yarn is Rowan kidsilk haze in Drab (discontinued colour). The Patricia Roberts yarn was gifted to me by my dear knitting fanatic friend :), not enough to make a big garment but perfect quantity for this design. The stripes are interesting to look at and I'm on purpose did not used blocking as I wished to maintain the texture.

Now that all is done I'm not sure at all about the swinginess  and this flapping about of the collar and hems. The weather is still cold so I need to be snug , my shoulders are narrow and the armholes tend to move and slide down my upper arms . So yes I'm afraid Plisse is going for a long nap in the green woolly department. Mental note to myself -there are other colours beside green ..

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