Sunday, 20 November 2011


I have started the popular Cria by Ysolda numerous times. For those of you in the know , Cria is being knitted seamless top down with an genius method of picking up stitches and using short rows to build up the neck and shoulders area. I'm really bowing and removing my hat here for Ysolda - just the calculations here for all the sizes, wow ! You have to pay attention for the garter stitch neck edges because there aren't any hems later on. I was unhappy with my knitting at first until I decided to slip the first stitch on the neck edge instead of knitting it - that created a tidier edging. I know some knitters added later on edging by crocheting or I-cord but for me the wet blocking was all what it took to smooth matters. Another struggle for me was to find the right yarn. I've started with some grey 4 ply alpaca and it looked good at start but then my fickle knitting heart decided to frog it all and invest in the real McCoy- oh yes baby , old maiden aunt, hand painted alpaca/silk dk ion-dubh (blackbird). Ysolda used it in one of her Cria samples. The yarn is beautifully dyed, colors changing ever so slightly between the shades of this sophisticated dull blue. You just know quality when you see and knit it - recommend !

Its a tight fit but I like it that way.

Cuff close up-the buttons were bought in Ally Pally this year from the textile garden stand- lovely selection of buttons there  and a good customer service..

See the cute little pockets?

Enjoyable knit and I wear it often , its a one to keep !


  1. This is a gorgeous cardigan, looks great on you, must feel lovely in the Old Maiden Aunt yarn!
    (Terdotty on ravelry)

  2. That is so beautiful - as always. Need to make something for myself soon too - mostly been making baby stuff recently.
    Eddie xx

  3. Beautiful! I am at the beginning of this sweater and love it. Directions are great. I am using Rowan felted tweed in a green blue color, hope my sweater looks as good as your sweater,

  4. This is so beautiful. I totally agree that the right yarn can make the knitting process even more enjoyable - and there's a reason designers pick those yarns for their patterns, after all!