Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bits of Wallace..

I'm engaged in lots of small pretty details at the moment. Although it looks like an easy stockinette it has magnitude of interesting details; the sewn-in hems, picot at the bottom, double buttons holes at the sewn in button bands, gaping cuffs with a shirt like closures, interesting pockets..I'm taking my time with this one. Again one of Kim Hargreaves classical gems.
 I'm using Rowan's lima which is a chain type of yarn and if knitted tight like in this cardigan it results in a soft to the touch ,channel-y fabric. The color in brown with soft tones of reds in it.
Spring has sprung and I'm itching now to complete it. Will keep you posted ! :)

wrong side of bottom & front hems


picot hem

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  1. It looks gorgeous as usual, can't wait to see the finished knit!